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Amgen DMA-2 Migraine Study

For those of you with migrane, on behalf of Amgen,  I would like to let you know about a new migraine study that has launched and may be of interest to you. In the words of Amgen, "This study identifies potential correlations between migraine and activity, allowing us to better understand migraine". 

The new Amgen study, known as DMA-2, is a non-interventional (no medications other than the ones the patient is already taking) online migraine study in which participants are asked to wear an Apple Watch to track activity during waking hours. They also keep track of migraine attacks using an Apple iOS mobile app and/or an Amazon Echo Dot. There are no site visits. Participants must have their own iPhone, but both Apple Watch and Amazon Echo will be provided. Participants can keep both devices if they complete the study. 

To find out if you qualify, interested migraine patients can download the Amgen Migraine Voice Journal application from the Apple App Store to begin the process.  Please see the brochure below for further details.


Sharron Murray MS, RN is an author and coauthor CaMEO Study, "Life With Migraine". Currently, Sharron is active in the migraine community as a writer, advocate, American Migraine Foundation Partner, moderator for the American Migraine Foundation "Move Against Migraine" Facebook Group, and member of the National Headache Foundation Patient Leadership Council. 

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This article is not a substitute for medical advce. If you have specific concerns about your health or nutrition, please contact a qualified professional.

Discosure: Sharron Murray is not affiliated with Amgen nor has she received any honorarium or other funding for sharing this study.

Updated November 28, 2018

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